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Topophilia II

Phaneromenis70 is pleased to announce a series of actions titled Topophilia II and our participation in the first festival of the New European Bauhaus with the support of the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, and the Nicosia Tourist Board.

The festival of the New European Bauhaus aims to bring people together to discuss the building of a sustainable and inclusive future through interdisciplinary collaboration. It is an initiative organised by the European Commission, with presentations and actions taking place across Europe for the month of June. The thematic concerns of the New European Bauhaus resonate with the values of Phaneromenis 70, with Topophilia II being our first participation in this network of change.

The programme includes workshops, discussions, walks, and art presentations about the coexistence of nature and culture in Nicosia. Our events will unfold between the 9th and 21st of June, with activities focusing on the historical evolution of the city, its urban ecology, and its potential future condition.


9 June 2022
13:00 Europe Vision - New European Bauhaus (Live Stream with Brussels: )
18:00- 19:30 Urban Sketching walks around town and Creative Writing Workshop

10 June 2022
09:00 - 17:00 Grand opening of “SKETCHING NICOSIA” exhibition in Phaneromenis Library (above Tsiaousis store)
11:00 Live presentation and discussion with Nikolaos Akritidis and the group of Phaneromenis 70. The discussion will be an exchange about our participation in the NEB festival whilst relaying news from both cities (it will be live streamed through the Phaneromenis70 Instagram account:

20 June 2022
18:30 Discussion with the local visual arts community and the participants of the action which will take place on the 21st of June.
20:00 Screening of short films curated by Nikolaos Akritidis

21 June 2022
“Head and Hand – Foun[d]ain” / Kyriaki Costa 2021-2022
18:00 Meeting at NIMAC
18:30-19:30 Participatory walk around Nicosia curated by Antigoni Michael
19:30 - 20:30 Meeting at the water tank (courthouse area). Discussion among the public, artists, art theorist, architects, environmental and heritage experts, regarding the actions that can be taken to improve the conditions of coexistence between people, plants and animals in Nicosia, as well as the artistic interventions of Kyriaki Costa titled Head and Hand – Foun[d]ain.
20:30 Reception

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